Search Engine Optimization

5 things that are hurting your website’s Search Engine Optimization

Let’s assume this.

You have an Awwward’s winning website.

It has the most beautiful theme, jaw dropping imageries, accompanied by amazing copies that surely makes your competitors feel jealous of your website.

You’re in love with your website and in your heart, you know your visitors will fall for it too!

But… (The bad one)

Even after having all the qualities of an Awwwards winning website, it does not have any visitors or fewer visitors than expected.

Moreover, your lovely website is not even close to the 10th page on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page)

So what is the problem really? Why is your website not where it should be on Google?

The answer is, maybe it is not YOU, it’s YOUR website design. Your website design can be a primary reason for having a lower ranking on SERPs.

But… (The good)

Don’t worry!

Search Engine Optimization

Since you are already here on our website looking for a solution, let our 19 year of web development/web designing expertises help your website reach new heights on search engines.

Here are the 10 most common Err in web design that is kill your website ranking and SEO efforts

Poor Website Navigation

Let’s assume this. (Yes again)

You’re going to a friend’s house for the very first time.

He/she has given you confusing directions, you can’t understand.

Chances are, you’ll probably make an excuse to escape the confusion.


If your website cannot guide your visitor to the ‘next.’

Or if there is too much confusion while navigating. There are high chances that visitors will leave your website as soon as they arrive.

The solution…

Design your website/webpage in such a way that it clearly tells your visitors what to do next.

Also, organizing and prioritizing your internal links (i.e. links that directs your visitor from one page/another page on the same domain)

This will help Google crawlers to understand your website better. Resulting in better website ranking on search engines

Ps. Navigation on websites is as important as directions in life. It helps you to not get ‘LOST’

A Slow loading Page is killing your Search Engine Optimization faster

We live in an instant world. We want everything right now!

The digital world is no different! Everything has to be quick.

Visitors are zooming through different Search Engine Results to find a solution to their problem

According to a research, the attention span in 2020 is just 8 seconds.

This means if they are on your website and it takes 10 seconds to load. It already too late! They are gone already.

A slow website is a big NO! Especially in a 4G/5G era.

So if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you will surely lose potential customers

The solution

Dump heavy WordPress themes.

Maybe, the theme that you have selected for your website is loosely code/designs

Ditch the over usage of plugins. It’s not really help your Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

And if you avoid all the hassle then go for a custom website.

This means you can tailor your website as per your desire.

This way, you will have a unique website. Plus you’ll stress less because the pros know how to fix the problem.

Ps: Dreamsdesign is a leading website agency in Gujarat, Vadodara that tailors unique websites to meet your business goals. Visit our website now!

The above graph shows the growth of Internet users in India, year after year.

Not Mobile-Friendly

According to research, approximately 73% of website traffic in India comes from mobile users!

This means more than half of the country’s population is consuming content through their smartphones.

Of course Google noticed this phenomenon happening around the world!

It made mobile- friendliness of websites a crucial factor that will direct impact your ranking on SERPs

So if your website is not mobile-friendly or less responsive over smartphones, chances are that your website is almost invisible to Google.

The Solution…

Make sure your web designing is cross-functional and seamless across desktop and mobile devices.

Improve your website responsiveness and user-experience across various devices

Or better let us make you a ridiculously mobile-friendly website.

Ps. blame your internet if the website is not working. Because we test every possible error before we deliver.

Did you use H1 tags on Homepage?

According to a market survey h1 tags are the third most important factor that impacts the optimization of a website

H1 is a HTML tag that indicates the headline/title of a website.

It helps Google crawlers to understand what a website is all about.

Due to which a website is likely to rank higher of SERP when someone looks for looking for similar solutions on a search engine

This also means that H1 tags also help your audience clearly understand the message you are trying to tell them.

Now look at your website. Does it have h1 tags on your website, especially on homepage?

If not then it is killing your website ranking.

The solution/suggestions to use H1 tags

  • Use important keywords in H1 tag
  • Insert the H1 tag just above the fold so that visitors understand what they are about to read. (This will help Google and visitors understand your website better.)
  • Apply the 5- second rule- If your visitors can exactly know what your website is in 5-seconds then you have a banger website H1 tag

Disruptive pop ups are disturbing your Search Engine Optimization

Using pop up on your website is a way to engage your audience

According to a research pops can spike up conversion by 1375% than emailers if done right!

Read the last from the above line again.

Many websites over do it

Like a pop up in every 5 seconds is not only annoying your audience but also disturbing your website ranking and Search Engine Optimization.

The solution

  • Create an enticing pop up your audience can’t resist to click.
  • Or make the pop up appear once you visitors have spent around 30 seconds on your site.
  • Or pop it up once your visitors are half way through your website
  • Ps. Over doing anything kills the effectiveness of the most effective things! Popping too much can break your SEO’s bone

Infinite Scroll is an Infinite troll on your Search Engine Optimization

Let’s assume (this is the last time. we promise!)

You are on a web page of a website. It sounds interesting so you scrolled till the bottom.

What you see is disappointment. The page is still loading!

This is what we call an Infinite scroll

Ever scrolled to the bottom of a webpage just to see it is still loading?

That is what we call an infinite scroll.

It is not really a huge deal for humans. We can wait for a bit and scroll down

However, Google crawlers cannot scroll.

This means if your website has 50 pages but your default setting shows only 10 then Google crawlers can’t index the rest of the pages thus resulting in lower ranking of SERPs.

The solution

  • Don’t you use heavy pixel shutter stock images. They are hampering your website loading time.
  • Ps. A buffering website is a suffering website on search engines results.

We often overlook the small things that impact us the most. Similarly, when we talk about Search Engine Optimization we talk about keywords, On page SEO, Off page SEO, backlinks and more. Digital agencies often forget about the little things that are hurting the SEO of a website. Factors like H1 tags, loading time, heavy images can impact the website SEO to a great extent. SEO can be a little tricky and if not done right everything will go wrong including your rankings on search engines. Keeping these five important factors in mind while optimizing your website can do wonders for your business.

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