9 Qualities of Best Website Development Company



In a rapidly urbanizing country like India, internet users are increasing exponentially. Thanks to JIO!! People are more tightly connected than ever. A website is no longer a choice, it’s a must-have! It is the first touchpoint in a buyer’s journey today. People are searching for something on the web all the time. It can be a service or product. Not having a business website can be expensive. You are losing the opportunity to build strong customer relationships, spread brand awareness and increase your sales and revenue growth! It does not matter if you have a startup or a giant size enterprise, a seamless functioning website across various devices is a must!

Whether you want to revamp your existing business website or create it from the starch, the BIG question here is how do you select the best website development and designing company for your business? It is difficult to choose a website development company especially when every other agency is claiming to be #No.1

Dreamsdesign is a strategic branding consultancy and cutting edge technology solution provider, with extensive experience in website development and designing. 19 years to be precise! We’ve worked on 8100+ projects and counting overtime. We’re the go-to trusted development partners for many established companies & startups. We provide tailored enterprise solutions that help businesses to achieve their goals effectively.

We are not saying we are the best! But we are surely the finest website development company in India. With our 19 years of experience, we breakdown 9 crucial factors you should consider while choosing your website development company.


A good website development company should have experience designing websites for your industry. It is an assurance that the agency understands the industry and targeted audiences that you are serving. Hiring an agency that knows your industry will help you achieve your business goals effectively. They’ll be able to build a website that gives you better results. Working with a less experienced company may take longer time in planning, designing and execution. In the worst case, you may not like the result because of which you’ll be back to square one again!


Regardless of who you hire to design your website, they must have the right knowledge about the technologies and strategies they’ll be using to build your website. If the consultancy is not able to explain how their strategies will grow your business then it may lead to misunderstandings at some point. The best in the business will know exactly what they doing. They’ll have a clear understanding of strategies and methodologies they’ll be using to improve your website performance and increase revenue!


Any agency claiming they’re the best web designers will have an impressive and detailed portfolio. After all, everyone likes to flaunt themselves. Grab this opportunity to gauge the website development company you’re planning to hire. Their work samples will help you to understand the quality of work they do for their clients. Visit a website or two. Notice the loading speed, the website design, content and the overall seamlessness of the website in a browser and phone. If everything is fine, then you can consider working with the company.


It is the most important factor you should consider while choosing a website development company. The average costing of building a website ranges from ₹10,000 to 60,000bo and above. The costing depends on the functionality and additional features you want on your website. So it’s crucial to set a budget for the website. Setting a clear budget will help you eliminate options and choose a company that completely fits into your budget. However, it important to know that spending on your website is very much like an investment, you’ve to be a little patient to see the results


An experienced website development company has built hundreds of websites by now. As a result, they’ll have clearly defined Standard Operating procedures (SOPs). This helps you to know how much time they will take to finish your site. Since they have created many websites, their development process should be cleared and well-structured to deliver the project. Also, make sure it is well documented, so it is easier to understand and analyze the whole process.


In today’s world, the website only would not be able to give you the desired results. You need other digital marketing strategies to grow traffic on a website. These strategies include search engine optimization, catchy content, social media marketing and more. It helps to increase your business reach, improve brand awareness, and keep the audience engaged. Hiring a website development company that is offering more than just a website. Getting it done from one place, helps you to coordinate easily and it also saves you from spending “TOO MUCH.”


An experienced website designer will always use simple language to explain web technologies and terminologies. They’ll avoid using complicated jargons that confuse the client. They keep it short and simple. Your website is a shadow of business in the digital world. So you want to make sure they understand your business and communicate the same with your audience. You don’t want to hire someone who can’t represent your business identity through your website.


Any good website development agency will be great at shooting down troubles and critical thinking when crisis strikes. A reliable designer will fulfil their commitment regardless of hiccups and obstacles. They will always have a plan A, Plan B, Plan C, ready to make sure everything is on track. Problems will occur while executing, so make sure you hire an agency that can effectively tackle problems and delivers regardless of the situations.


This is the final step before you start working with them. Before you’re ready to start you need to sign an agreement that states the services, price, duration of the project and terms and conditions. Make sure you read them carefully. Ensure that they’ve mentioned annual maintenance because you don’t want to spend more money on minor problems and errors that may occur once your website is live on the server.