Everything About Logo Design

What are logos?

A Logo in simple words is a combination of text and image that helps people recognize a business in the market. It helps people distinguish between brands in the same field. A practical logo is an impactful visual design that is creative and memorable at the same time. A logo design must reflect your brand identity as it helps people associate with who you are as a business and what products or services you provide in the market.

What are the Aww qualities of a “professional logo design”?

A logo is not just about a symbol representing your business. A practical logo design is not only about the “WOW” artistic feature. A business should consider the practical aspects and qualities of logo designing. Mentioned below are a few factors you should consider while deciding a logo for your business.

Scalability of the logo design

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As a business, you are going to use the logo almost everywhere. It is going to be on your website, social media platforms or huge billboards for advertising purposes. It will be also used on a smaller size of a business card or brochures that you will be sharing with a customer or a client. A billboard and a brochure are two different sizes and that is why it is important to consider scalability as a crucial factor in your logo design. Your detailed logo might look amazing on a billboard, but the same logo looks very untidy on a small size business card. The key here is to use simple shapes and patterns in your logo so that it looks clean regardless of the size.

The adaptability of Logo design

The ability of your logo design to reflect the service or product you are selling now or shortly is known as “adaptability” in designing terms. Because of the adaptability factor, people can have a clear idea of what kind of service or products you are providing in the market. It also helps you to examine how your logo looks on the product you are selling or wish to market.

Make it is easy to recall

A logo design aims to catch people’s attention. A good practical logo design will always be imprinted in its audience mind.

Think of any logos right now…, we bet, Apple, NIKE, Starbucks are few brand logos you must have thought of right? Even before you completed reading NIKE, you already had a picture of a tick in your head. Most successful logo designs have one thing in common —They are unforgettable designs! Creating a logo that is memorable and easy to recall increases the mass appeal of your business, resulting in increased brand awareness in the market and amongst customers.

A logo design should be unique as a business

The most crucial part of a logo design is to make sure it is as unique as your business. It is important that your logo stands out among your competition in the market. It helps your customers to recognise your product or service and distinguish your business from your competitors. Copying others won’t help your business to make a good first impression. You can’t expect an ordinary logo to blow people’s mind. Having a unique logo helps you build credibility and trust in your customers in the long run!

Clear communication with your audience

One thing that you must not forget while considering all the other elements of logo design. Always remember a logo’s primary goal is to communicate, translate into your brand identity and brand value. A practically sound logo will always tell about a company’s ideology to its customers easily. You can also incorporate a crispy tagline to emphasize more on your brand voice and deliver your message to the audience better.

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7 types of logos you must know about if you want to choose the best logo designs for your business

1) Monogram or Lettermarks

Monogram logos or Lettermark logos are designed using letters, especially brand initials. H & M (Hennes & Mauritz) WB (Warner Bros. Inc.) EA Sports (Electronic Art) BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) L.G. (Lucky-Goldstar) are some examples of a lettermark logo. These brands have used initialisms rather than using their full name in the logo design. Lettermark logo makes it easy for people to remember and recall its brand identification.

For example, you tell some that you are going to Hennes & Mauritz, chances are they might not recognise the brand instantly. But when you say, you’re going to H&M, they exactly know that you are going shopping. Just by using 2 or 3 initial letters of the business, one can create a unique brand identity in the market. Lettersmarks are perfect for businesses with a long name. Using a lettermark logo will make it easier for your customers to remember your business. If you are going for a monogram logo design then make sure that the typography used in the designing matches your brand personality and persona. However, consider a monogram logo if your business has a stronger foundation in the market.

2) Wordmark or Logotypes

A Wordmark or logotype design is very similar to Monogram logos. They both are font-based logos so you have to be cautious about choosing a facetype as it will reflect your brand personality in the market. Wordmark logo design is a company’s or a business name.

Think of Google, Netflix, eBay, Disney, Canon, Colgate, Subway all these are great examples of wordmark logos. A wordmark logo gives your business a distinct identity in the market. When combined with the right typography, it becomes memorable for your audience because of which your business can be identified and recognised easily amongst competitors. A wordmark is perfect for businesses that are just starting out and want to expose it to more people. If you’re going for this logo make sure the name is not too long.

3) Pictorial mark or Logo symbol

A pictorial mark or a logo symbol consists of a graphic or an icon.
These kinds of logos are often inspired by real-life objects or things that could help brands, business to communicate with their audience. Take Apple, Shell, Snapchat, Twitter’s logo, these all big brands use pictorial logo designs. Read the last line again. These companies are giants in their specific industry. People instantly connect with the products and services they provide because of their enormous brand value in the market. A pictorial logo design can help your business to evoke emotions in people’s mind. It can help businesses communicate their ideologies better. But using a symbolic logo for a growing business can be tricky. You must consider what object or thing you are going to use to depict your business because it will stick to business existence for forever. However, it is now a compulsion that you cannot use a pictorial logo as a growing business. We are saying you must be cautious while going for your business logo.

4) Mascot Logo

Mascot logos are designed using illustrated characters or an illustrated version of a person. Usually, this kind of logo has more creative freedom as it has a cartoonish feel to it. Mascot logos are best for businesses who cater to babies or toddlers or families. A huge benefit of this logo design is that it encourages communication between your brand and its audience. Also, it can be a great tool for advertising and marketing campaigns in the reel and the real world. However, mascot logos have their downsides too! A mascot logo has limited scalability. The logo might look amazing on a 40 feet billboard but the same might not look good on your business card.

5) Combination Mark

Combination mark logo designs are one of the most versatile logo designs of all and it is popular among every and kind of business. It’s a mixed bag of all the logo designs. A combination mark can be different combinations of lettermark or wordmark with an abstract logo or pictorial logo or mascot logo. The image, text, and can be placed in various manners to bring something completely different on the table. The picture and the image can be placed side by side, on top of each other, or can be blended into each other. The combination of image and text helps you reinforce your brand in the market. The union of text and image helps your business to convey its message easily. The added benefit of using this kind of logo for your business is that you can turn it into a pictorial logo once your business is strongly established in the industry. Burgerking, Airbnb, Puma, Microsoft etc. are some of the brands that adopted a combination of logo design. Firefox, KFC, Mailchimp are some of the brands that are using a mascot logo for their business.

6) Abstract Logo Design

The name already says it all. Abstract logo designs are logo designs that use no particular shapes or symbols in its designs are known as abstract logo design. It may or may not have any resemblances with the typical shape of an object or a thing. It creates a unique image of your business in the market. It also arouses curiosity in people’s minds allowing them to engage with your services. The colour used in the logo design will play an important part as it will depict your brand persona. Using this type of logo will represent your company is a unique way. Hero Motocorp, Pepsi, Adidas are some examples of brands using an abstract logo to represent their business in the market.

7) Emblem Logo

Emblem logo designs are very old school. They are one of the oldest logo designs in the world. These logos give a classy appearance to your business. They are usually a combination of fonts inside or around a symbol or an icon. These logos also indicate that your business has been in the industry for a longer period which helps your business to easily win over people’s trust. Because of its bold and scholarly looks, it is widely used by government organizations, sports clubs, education and automobile industries. However, this logo is a detailed oriented design because of which it can prove to be less versatile or untidy if not done right. The key here is to avoid complex design and adding too many elements so it appears clean yet bold. Harvard University, Starbucks, BMW, Harley Davidson are some companies and brands that use this logo.

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