Keep Mobile SERP Safe with These Technical Checklist for SEO

With the tremendous rise in the number of the mobile users, the demand for the responsive website design has also increased. This is because companies have started understanding the importance of mobile-friendly websites. But wait, when it comes to a website to survive in the mobile-first index, a mere responsive web design is not suffice.

Worry not! There are many technical SEO aspects that can be implemented to keep your website safe on the mobile SERP. And to implement that ensure that you only hire the best SEO company in India. Let’s take a deeper look at these technical SEO aspects that play a major role in the mobile SERP.

Mobile First Indexing

Have you ever thought what does the mobile-first indexing entail? Majorly, it means that the Google will index the mobile version of the website first and will create the baseline for how to determine the rankings. In a layman language, if a website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, the desktop will still be indexed. But the lack of it could negatively impact the site rankings.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO can make a whole lot of difference in the SERP performance of a mobile website. If your website features a dynamic serving or distinct mobile URL, you need to cross-check the On-Page of your website.

Mobile-Optimized Experience For Your Customers

To manage mobile users, Googlebot pays special attention to the base on the configuration of the website. Ensure that your website offers mobile-optimized experience with the help of:

• Distinct mobile URL
• Structured data
Responsive website design
• Dynamic serving

Take into account that the absence of structured data for the mobile websites can result in the significant loss of the snippets and the benefits its CTR convey.

Use of Hreflang Tags

If you are targeting your website worldwide, ensure that your SEO company in India makes use of the hreflang tags. This helps in showcasing the alternative content version of the website in different languages. If this is your case, ask the SEO services in India to immediately update the Hreflang tags for the mobile version too.


Poor pagination indicates that the Googlebot cannot visualize the content beyond your home page.When it fails to visualize the content, it can even drop out your website from the Google index.

From internal link structure, quality surfer approach, crawling rate, robots.txt to website configuration and much more, there are many technical aspects that your SEO company in India needs to review for your website to survive Mobile SERP.

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