Get 100X More clients from Social media

Get 100X More clients from Social media

Hi all my self-Krishna Puranik MD of dreamsdesign. We are one of the top website development and top digital marketing companies in india.

  • Many of you asked me that how do I grow my business from social media?
  • Is social media really effective?
  • Can we really get high value clients from social media?
  • we can really generate more business from social media?
  • Can I get international clients from social media?
  • Can social media be done for manufacturing industry?

So today I am here with a very powerful topic. how to get 100X more clients from social media. How you can generate unlimited enquires 24×7 round the year for your products and services. No matter which business you are in to.

As a digital marketer I want to clear your fundamentals, concepts and confusion about the most powerful tool in world. Currently marketing companies are looting consumers, they don’t have idea how this powerful tool can be used to generate enquires.

  • If you take data of last 5 yrs. All ecommerce companies in world has done maximums business via social media.
  • A normal person spends more than 40 hours in a week on social media.
  • All news channels, influencers, motivational speakers got their maximum growth from social media.
  • All top companies get their major calls via social media.

So today I am gone revel most power tips, techniques, ways, methods, resources and a lot more about how to use social media as your primary lead generation tool. How you can generate effective, free and organic lead generation round the year.


First step: Building foundation and Educate

Our first goal is to do sale or get calls. Calls are generated by enquires, and enquires are generated from interested prospects, how will you find genuine prospects? via Filtered Marketing Funnel.

First of all you need to understand that you prospect has no interest in your product or service he is more interested in your offer.

Now what is a offer ? offer is a value which your giving to your client. A value your client cannot resist.

I called this Lead Magnet. A Lead magnet delivers high value to your clients, It attracts your prospect, Its something which give clear idea about your product and services with high emotional touch.

For example, if you’re in to loan business, then make a home buying guide, Home acquiring guide, If you’re in to appeals, fashion wear business, then make Bollywood style guide or 5 ways your cloths never get old. Something which grabs their attention.

It can be a cheat sheet like how to book more appointment for your parlor without doing offline adds. Or how to control behavior or your kids in front of guests. How to get international clients free of cost.

Create a value which directly hits the pain points of your prospect, the pain areas, there frustration, there problems.


Second step: Find places where you can promote this lead magnets

Identify places and platforms where you can market this lead magnets, where your prospects are highly available. From where they can easily see this lead magnets.

Example, Reels, stories, Feeds, IGTV, shots, Live consulting, Videos, Email campaigns, Whats app campaigns, Messages and much more.

Remember don’t sell just educate, do regular Edu marketing and not hard pitch


Third step: Create a strong call to action and high conversion website landing page.

Most important, you have to create a strong call to action and divert your customer to your website landing page saying download a complete in-depth solution guide free of cost.

Remember your landing page should have all the information which grabs attention and interest of your prospect and connect their emotion. It should have a enquiry form, from which you can have there name email id and phone no.  A great website landing page helps converting your traffic in to Enquiry’s. You need to have excellent copy content which grabs attention of your prospect.

For Example: 5 ways to get free leads for Real estate business. Make 5 edu-marketing videos and say go to my website and learn 25 unique ways to get free leads for real estate business.


Forth step: Remarket your prospects via Adds

You should have a automated system, The moment your prospect leaves your site he should see your adds every where until he purchases your product or service. You can do remarketing adds on facebook, google, linked in and all. There are different ways to setup adds in every platform.


If you need any help is my website you can contact me anytime. Jay hindh and take care of you and your families.