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9 Qualities of Best website Development Company

In a rapidly urbanizing country like India, internet users are increasing exponentially. Thanks to JIO!! People are more tightly connected than ever. A website is no longer a choice, it’s a must-have! It is the first touchpoint in a buyer’s journey today. People are searching for something on the web all the time. It can be a service or product. Not having a business website can be expensive. You are losing the opportunity to build strong customer relationships, spread brand awareness and increase your sales and revenue growth! It does not matter if you have a startup or a giant size enterprise, a seamless functioning website across various devices is a must!

Whether you want to revamp your existing business website or create it from the starch, the BIG question here is how do you select the best website development and designing company for your business? It is difficult to choose a website development company especially when every other agency is claiming to be #No.1

 Dreamsdesign is a strategic branding consultancy and cutting edge technology solution provider, with extensive experience in website development and designing. 19 years to be precise! We’ve worked on 8100+ projects and counting overtime. We’re the go-to trusted development partners for many established companies & startups. We provide tailored enterprise solutions that help businesses to achieve their goals effectively.

 We are not saying we are the best! But we are surely the finest website development company in India. With our 19 years of experience, we breakdown 9 crucial factors you should consider while choosing your website development company.

 Industry Experience

A good website development company should have experience designing websites for your industry. It is an assurance that the agency understands the industry and targeted audiences that you are serving. Hiring an agency that knows your industry will help you achieve your business goals effectively. They’ll be able to build a website that gives you better results. Working with a less experienced company may take longer time in planning, designing and execution. In the worst case, you may not like the result because of which you’ll be back to square one again!

 Technologies and strategies

Regardless of who you hire to design your website, they must have the right knowledge about the technologies and strategies they’ll be using to build your website. If the consultancy is not able to explain how their strategies will grow your business then it may lead to misunderstandings at some point. The best in the business will know exactly what they doing. They’ll have a clear understanding of strategies and methodologies they’ll be using to improve your website performance and increase revenue!

Impressive Portfolio

Any agency claiming they’re the best web designers will have an impressive and detailed portfolio. After all, everyone likes to flaunt themselves. Grab this opportunity to gauge the website development company you’re planning to hire. Their work samples will help you to understand the quality of work they do for their clients. Visit a website or two. Notice the loading speed, the website design, content and the overall seamlessness of the website in a browser and phone. If everything is fine, then you can consider working with the company.

Budget-friendly pricing

It is the most important factor you should consider while choosing a website development company. The average costing of building a website ranges from ₹10,000 to 60,000bo and above. The costing depends on the functionality and additional features you want on your website. So it’s crucial to set a budget for the website. Setting a clear budget will help you eliminate options and choose a company that completely fits into your budget. However, it important to know that spending on your website is very much like an investment, you’ve to be a little patient to see the results

 A Clear and organized development process

An experienced website development company has built hundreds of websites by now. As a result, they’ll have clearly defined Standard Operating procedures (SOPs). This helps you to know how much time they will take to finish your site. Since they have created many websites, their development process should be cleared and well-structured to deliver the project. Also, make sure it is well documented, so it is easier to understand and analyze the whole process.

Not just limited to creating a website

In today’s world, the website only would not be able to give you the desired results. You need other digital marketing strategies to grow traffic on a website. These strategies include search engine optimization, catchy content, social media marketing and more. It helps to increase your business reach, improve brand awareness, and keep the audience engaged. Hiring a website development company that is offering more than just a website. Getting it done from one place, helps you to coordinate easily and it also saves you from spending “TOO MUCH.”

Good communicators

An experienced website designer will always use simple language to explain web technologies and terminologies. They’ll avoid using complicated jargons that confuse the client. They keep it short and simple. Your website is a shadow of business in the digital world. So you want to make sure they understand your business and communicate the same with your audience. You don’t want to hire someone who can’t represent your business identity through your website.

 They are Troubleshooters

Any good website development agency will be great at shooting down troubles and critical thinking when crisis strikes. A reliable designer will fulfil their commitment regardless of hiccups and obstacles. They will always have a plan A, Plan B, Plan C, ready to make sure everything is on track. Problems will occur while executing, so make sure you hire an agency that can effectively tackle problems and delivers regardless of the situations.

Reasonable contract

This is the final step before you start working with them. Before you’re ready to start you need to sign an agreement that states the services, price, duration of the project and terms and conditions. Make sure you read them carefully. Ensure that they’ve mentioned annual maintenance because you don’t want to spend more money on minor problems and errors that may occur once your website is live on the server.

E-commerce Website Guide For Beginners

Approximately there are around 12 to 24 million e-commerce stores, shops, operating over the World Wide Web. Everything you need today is available with a click! You can get anything online. And by anything we mean ANYTHING!

The fact that one can sell products or services from within the four walls of your room is fascinating or you’ve finally decided to turn that side hustle into a full-time business, there are way too many reasons as to why someone wants to start a business. We are glad that you choose to start your E-commerce business in today’s date and time because India’s e-commerce is a pool of opportunities.

Increased internet users and the favourable market creates a suitable environment for business growth. In 2018, India’s eCommerce industry market value was at 50 billion US dollars. It’s expected to grow up to 200 US million dollar by 2026

The statistic above gives you an insight of India’s eCommerce future which certainly looks bright as the sun! Now that you know about India’s Ecommerce Industry growth and future. Let’s understand what E-commerce is exactly!

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce aka E-business is buying or selling of products/services through an electronic path like the Internet. The process involves setting up an E-Commerce website on which buyers/sellers can securely share data and transactions. In more human terms, it is nothing but online shopping. E-commerce has come a long way from 1960s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to today’s modern online shopping in 2020.

E-commerce Website

What is an E-commerce website?

There are different kinds and types of websites to serve and meet different business goals. An eCommerce, in particular, is created to sell or buy one or many products. E-commerce websites involve a secure exchange of information and funds between two or more parties.

The main advantage of an e-Commerce website is that it saves you the brick and mortar cost. Setting up a physical store may cost a lot of investment, time and other countless formalities. E-commerce websites allow you to start with what you have. It just likes your physical store but virtually. It does everything your store does. It guides the customer to products they are looking for, filters products out according to their budget, and takes them to the billing counter once they finalized what they want to buy. This virtual shop also allows your customers to buy products around the clock and from anywhere in the world because of which your reach is not just a limited local audience. Amazon, Myntra, Alibaba, Flipkart, eBay are some of the prime examples of what an e-Commerce website looks like.

Types of E-commerce website

E-commerce websites in itself have different types and kinds which serve a different purpose. These kinds are as follows:

Business-to-Business (B2B):

In this kind of e-Commerce websites electronic exchange happens between two businesses i.e. is business to business. In simple words, a business is selling its products/service to other businesses. For example, Dreamdesign provides its SEO services to other web designing companies.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C):

This is the most common kind of e-Commerce website people are aware of. In this kind of e-Commerce website, the electronic exchange happens between businesses and customers. In simple words, a business is selling its products/service to its customers and other individuals. For Example, You are buying products from Amazon aka online shopping.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C):

In this kind of e-Commerce websites electronic exchange happens between two customers, most likely through a third party. For example, You sell your mobile phone to someone on websites like eBay or OLX.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B):

In this kind of e-Commerce websites electronic exchange of products/services take place from a customer to a business. For example, Social media influencers promote brands, exposing the brand to a larger amount of audience in exchange for a fee.

Factors you must consider before using an eCommerce platform


Initial cost of setting up your online store to make sure it’s fully functional
Ease: You should consider this factor especially if you are someone from a non-technical or have less knowledge of technical aspects

Payment gateways:

The reason you started your online store or eCommerce is mostly that you want to get something out of it. Make sure your platform has multiple payment gateways available to make sure you don’t miss out on orders because your portal did not accept Paypal.


Make sure to check the number of integrated and third-party tools it allows you to integrate into your e-Commerce website.


It is the most important factor you should consider while using an eCommerce platform. As your business grows, the quality of your product sold will also increase. Make sure that the platform can scale up as your online business flourishes.

Most used E-commerce platforms

The above given is a graphical representation of most used eCommerce platforms
Woocommerce covers 21%, Shopify is the runner up with 18% and Magneto with 13%.

E-commerce Website

Our best picks E-commerce platform your online business

Now that you know what Ecommerce is and its types, let’s discuss the eCommerce platforms that will help you successfully establish your ecommerce store on the World Wide Web


Developed by Automattic WooCommerece has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for big and small enterprises. It is an open-source plugin for WordPress websites. (Don’t worry WordPress is also a free website builder. The wow factor about this platform is that it is completely free to use to get you to kick start your online store. However, charges might apply to add new features. WooCommerce plugins turn your WordPress into a full-fledged e-commerce website. When it is fused with WordPress, it adds in features like product management, order processing, cart shopping functionality and more.

It has around 13 million downloads and over 37% of online stores use this platform to run their business effectively. The software has all the major features of an e-Commerce website like features like international customers, inventory management, sales tax management, shipping cost calculations, coupons etc.


  • Mostly free, however hosting and additional plugins cost differs.


  • It is a free and secure and scalable open-source software
  • It is fairly easy to set up this plugin into WordPress
  • 300+ extensions to give your website a robust look
  • Flexible functionality across different devices


  • Frequent software updates can be difficult
  • Adds on/Plugins can be expensive
  • Customization restrictions
  • Does not have a centralized support

Recommended for:

Individuals that are tight on their budget and are fairly tech-savvy


It is developed by a Canadian company Shopify Inc. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based platform. It has become one of the most favourite e-commerce platforms. It easily allows beginners, armatures and pros to set up their online store without the hassle of coding. It is quite straightforward because it serves more than 800,000 online stores and services. It has a wide range of ‘themes’ to match your brand personality and identity. It has three different subscriptions that help various big and small enterprises to set up their online business effectively. The pricing plans fit any size of the business, be it a growing startup or an established enterprise giant.


Shopify provides 3 different pricing models to make sure it helps you set your online store perfectly.

  • Basic Shopify: $29 per month
  • Shopify: $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month


  • It is integrated with Google Analytics, SEO and AMP(Accelerate Mobile Pages) that loads contents faster across devices
  • No transaction fees for using its payment gateway
  • Effective inventory system that helps you to keeps your online store organized.
  • Sell across various other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, eBay etc.


  • You have to use paid apps to use more plugins which can be a little expensive
  • Exporting blogs is difficult because of a poor Content Management service
  • Charges are applied for using a third party payment gateway like Paypal, Amazon pay etc.

E-commerce Website

Recommend for

It a perfect match for small business and medium scale enterprises


Written in PHP, Magneto is one of the largest eCommerce platforms amongst other eCommerce platforms. It is more than just an e-Commerce website building tools. The platforms have features like order management, business insights and more. This is a perfected eCommerce platform for large enterprise as it has built-in scalability. Magneto is suitable for all kinds of industries but it works perfectly for businesses who are into Automobile, Fashion or Restaurant industries. Using this e-commerce platform will also make mobile ordering easy for users.


Starting price: 1,988 per month


  • It allows you to customize as per your requirement and achieve desired e-commerce functionality
  • It has built-in scalability which is most suitable for large enterprises
  • It offers a wider range of tools than other platforms
  • Users experience hassle-free online shopping through mobile phone


  • It can be a little out of budget
  • Customization can be difficult because of complexity
  • Has hosting and server issues

Recommend For

It is best for large enterprises who have a huge demand and supply of products or services.

Final Words

Ecommerce business has a huge pool of opportunities in India. It only grows more and more because of the increased number of internet users. Choosing an E-commerce platform for your website is difficult. We hope this article helps you make the most of it.

If you are looking for a website agency that helps you make your e-Commerce website a machine gun raining sales then contact us now! We are just a call away!!

Custom Website Vs Theme Website: Which one is better for you?

In today’s modern age and technology, any business heavily relies on its website for its growth. A website not only drives business but also acts as a delegate of a business. It lets your customers know who you are as a brand and what kind of services you provide in the market.
You never get to make an impression twice. So it is crucial to design an impactful website that is as unique as a brand.

There are two alternatives to produce a suitable website for your company or business. First is a theme-based website and the second is a customized website. Most businesses struggle to decide whether they want to paste a theme on their website or customize it from scratch.
Here’s our take on customized vs theme-based website bout that will help you understand the pros and cons of both methods you can make a wiser decision for your company or business.

Let’s Understand First

Building an ideal website for a company or a business takes a lot of effort. From designing a website layout, styling elements, coding the backend and frontend interface, content, and more. It requires enough time and brains to create a website that is an ideal representative of your brand.

Custom Website

Before we discuss the pros and cons of both methods, it is essential to understand both approaches to create and design a website.

What is a Theme based website?

A theme-based website is a pre-design template for a website. One does not have to be tech-savvy to create this kind of website. don’t need a developer’s brain on your shoulders. Someone with good computer knowledge and creative headspace can easily set up this website. This website template is an overall look and feel of your website’s front-end interface. It includes various industry-specific color schemes, styling elements, designing layouts. You need to upload your content and edit images as per requirement and bam! Your company’s website is ready to launch. There are many themes available: free and paid on the internet with which you can create amazing websites for your company. Theme based website is ideal for bloggers and companies having small product listings.

What is a Customized Website?

Customizing websites is a serious business. It is a unique and exclusive kind of website. It is like painting a white canvas. You have to start from scratch. From choosing the color palettes, style elements, designing layouts, logos, and more. In short, you are in the driver’s seat. You get to decide what your website will look like. You will need a skilled and experienced web developer who dedicatedly works towards meeting your website goals. A customized website gives an edge to your company’s website. It helps you stand out as a unique brand in the market. This is an ideal kind of website for almost every business. A custom website is majorly used by companies in e-commerce, creative agencies, finance, and consulting fields.

Theme Based: Do It Like a PRO

Now that you know what is a theme-based website. Let us discuss the advantages and benefits of using a template to create a website.
Time: A theme-based website is a ready-made template of a website which means no PHP, CSS, HTML, and other technical terminology. This also means a shorter development cycle. With a few DIYs, your website is ready to represent you.


There are various themes available on the internet to make sure your website has it all. You can also add different types of plugins to add different features to your theme-based website at a much lower cost than a full-fledged custom website. Plugins also help in the seamless functioning of your website like a pro!

Easy Content Management:

Theme based websites have smart in-built coding so that one can easily upload and update content without coding anything in the backend. This quality also makes it easy to use for various users irrespective of their technical knowledge of website designing and development.

Theme Based: Pro has Cons

“All the good comes with the bad”. Theme based website templates have some disadvantages and cons that one should consider before using them.

Bugs and Compatibility:

A website should be tested before it goes live. This is to ensure that your website is cross-compatible across all browsers and devices. Using plugins to add more features to your theme website can hamper functionality and overall look of the website across different browsers and devices. This takes a toll on the loading speed and user experience of a website. Some pre-design templates may develop bugs in the long run which requires coding. This may also impact your website scalability and ranking on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and more.

Lack of UI UX experience:

For any business to grow, it is essential to understand its audience. An interactive and user-friendly website plays a crucial part in spiking your business. Theme-based websites offer limited or no UI-UX for a website. This hampers engagement and traffic on your website which indirectly or directly affects your business growth and profits.


One of the biggest issues with the ready to use websites is that, that it loses its uniqueness and brand value. There are high chances where your competitor might be using the same theme as you. A website must be built in such a way that it reciprocates with its brand’s uniqueness and original ideas.

Customized Website: Let the Pro Do it

Custom Website

A fully custom website has its perks when it comes to how your website looks and feels across different browsers and mobile devices. Here are advantages that prove the fact that a fully customized website is worth the efforts and time.

Brand Value:

Building a website from scratch is like painting a white canvas. There is no restriction or limitation. You are in complete authority of how you want to represent your brand in the market. From tiny details to big ones, you decide everything! A custom website fits in all your business needs. A custom website represents your company’s essence, highlights the unique selling proposition, and ideology in front of targeted audiences and potential clients. This creates an authentic brand value in the market and sets you apart from your competitors.


Due to its clean backend coding, custom website performance surpasses a theme website by a huge margin. A customized website goes through many phases of testing, compatibility, and responsiveness to make sure your website is running seamlessly across browsers and mobile devices regardless of its features or elements. Meaning a faster loading time, easy navigation, and more user-friendly.

SEO friendly:

SEO plays an important part to grow your website’s reach. A custom website is more SEO friendly as developers can easily make major/minor changes in your website as per the changing times. When your website is SEO friendly, it is likely to appear on the first page of Google. Meaning more traffic and engagement on your website. Meaning business!

Customized Website: The Pro comes at a cost

A Custom website has its downsides to it. There are not many but a couple that one should consider before going for custom websites.


Building a website involves a lot of effort, teamwork, and brains. It starts with understanding and planning your business, needs, and audiences. Once you know these details, you have to get a domain name for the website. Then your developer will create a wireframe or an initial structure for site mapping. Website designing is the third part, where visuals like images, color schemes, spacing elements come into play. Content is the fourth part that describes your company’s USPs, services, and general information of who you are as a brand. The fifth part of creating a website is converting your static website into a dynamic website through coding. The last part is testing where website’s responsiveness, loading speed, compatibility is checked before it goes live on the server. All these processes might take an estimated time 3-4 months or more depending on how many pages/sections your website has.

Expensive: A

custom website needs a proper investment to make sure you get better and higher ROIs. Your website will grow with your business. Spending a hefty amount on can prove to be expensive for a small business or a startup. You have to be patient. It is like sowing a seed. You will gradually see it growing more and more every day. And then one fine day you will get the fruit your wait for.

Bottom Line

Websites are essential for any business or company. It helps businesses to evaluate and analyze their growth. A company’s website must reflect the company’s ideology, reciprocate with its audiences, and provide better and newer solutions. Whether you go for a theme website or a fully custom website, you must consider your budget and time you want to spend behind your website. It also depends on the kind of industry you’re serving. If you are a blogger or a small business then you can go for a theme website. And if you are someone from e-commerce, finance, consulting background you must go for a custom website.

We hope that this article helped to understand the difference between a theme website and a custom website, its benefits, and disadvantages.

Website Marketing and its ever Evolving World

Ever since the internet boomed and became a phenomenon a major part of the population across the globe couldn’t live without, one thing has accompanied it through the journey. That one thing is a website. The internet has constantly evolved and undergone a series of changes ever since it was first introduced to the people back in 1983 but a great website has always been at the heart of it. Through the constant evolution process, the internet has seen websites develop left, right and center and become an integral part of the now ferociously developing industry of digital marketing. 

Whenever someone talks about digital marketing, our instant reaction leads towards the thought process that it is all about social media channels. Yes, it is true but it has become a common mistake to forget just how much of importance a great website and website marketing holds in the entire process of a brand’s digital marketing campaign. If you ask a digital marketer what would be their first step while undertaking or rather, starting a new digital marketing campaign, their answer would be building a great website or improving one that already exists. In the end, the footfalls have to come to the website after a successful campaign and if the website isn’t good enough, it takes us back a few steps.

Website Marketing

With that in mind, today we will be discussing website marketing in detail and the steps required to complete a great website marketing campaign. Website marketing or web marketing as it is more commonly referred to nowadays, is now used to refer to any advertising activity that is conducted online. Most marketing activities are now done through the Internet because of the lower cost. Web marketing takes your message to the big wide web. With tons of people using the internet every day, there are huge opportunities to get your product or service in front of people who need or want it. With such a big world ahead of you for marketing your business, there is also the need to market the business in the right manner. 

Effective ways for website marketing

Website analysis

 The first step to creating an effective website marketing strategy is to audit your current website. By conducting a website analysis of your current site design and content, you can better understand what you’re doing well and where there may be opportunities for improvement. When it comes to site design, you will want to consider the user experience. Your website should be easy to read and navigate. Review your navigation bar and site map to ensure that visitors can easily find and access the pages they are looking for. Make sure that font sizes and colors are easy to read and all images can be viewed, especially from smaller device screens. 

Optimizing website for SEO 

The second step in developing a website marketing strategy is to optimize your website for SEO. After you have analyzed your current website and identified areas of opportunity, it’s time to make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make it more attractive for the search engines.

In turn, you are helping ensure that your site will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords and phrases. Best practices for search engine optimization are often changing or being added to as Google updates its search algorithm. However, there are a few principles that you’ll want to keep in mind as you make sure your website is optimized for search.  

Website Marketing Company In Vadodara


Beginning with content marketing 

The third phase of your website marketing strategy is developing your content marketing. Content marketing is the process of creating and publishing valuable and relevant content that helps you attract and engage your target audience. By providing your target buyers with engaging content, you can work to build and foster stronger relationships with your leads. Before you start creating content, you’ll want to develop a content strategy. This is the process of determining the different aspects of your content plan, such as, what types of content you will create, what topics your content will focus on, who on your team will create content, how often you will publish new content and other such factors. Once you’ve created a content strategy, you can then work to develop a content calendar. This will help ensure that you are regularly publishing quality content on a consistent basis.

Building your social media presence

With social media marketing, your company can expand your reach online and work on driving more quality traffic back to your website. The first step in building a social media strategy is determining which social media channels you will use to attract and engage your audience. It’s important to remember that you do not need to be present on every social media platform. Instead, opt to spend your time and resources on the social media channels that your target audience frequents.

You do have to realize that with the steps mentioned above, your journey is just beginning. It might take you some time to perfect all of these steps, with changes coming to the way website marketing is treated down the line. Stay true to your cause and success will surely come to you. 

How to Deal With the Website Design issues?

There has been a constant change in the world of web design. And it is very arduous to track every new
update. It is very bad for both the designer and the businessman for not updating with the latest trends.
Dreams design is Web Design Company in Vadodara can easily solve your issues related to web design.
That is why we are going to discuss some of the biggest issues all web designers need to be familiar.
Let’s take a glance at some of the best tips to fix your web design problems that are definitely going to
help solve when you are puzzled. Below are some useful tips.

Use appropriate color contrast: Color contrast is still a vital part of web designing. It is an inevitable part
of web designing you can’t put aside. It is important for your ideal web accessibility and can improve the
accessibility of your website. There are various types of tools available on the internet to examine your
color contrast and fix your issues regarding web designing.
Discuss a plan: According to Dreams Design, is a Web Design company in India suggests that, before
designing your website, have a head- on meeting with your owner and discuss the needs of your visitors.
Such pre-discussions will help increase traffic on your website. Always design a website which can drag
more customers on your site. Your concrete plan can attract more visitors to spend more time on your
website and convert them into the customers at their first visit to your website.
Keep social share button in your website:
If there is no social share button on your website, your website can lose social media traffic. We hope
you are familiar with this button. It is a small button you can find either the top or bottom of the blog
post. This button includes different types of social media websites through these websites you can easily
share your page on the social media channel. This is the biggest advantage of a having social share
button on your websites.
HTML verification:
While designing a website, it is very essential to know the validity of your HTML. Whenever you find any
error when designing a website you should do check the misspelt HTML aspects. Validating HTML is a
good trick. You should verify each and every page that helps you to know where you are stuck. If you do
not eliminate the clutter during the process of web designing can cause great damage to the website.
Check the website in various browsers:
Testing your website in different browsers can help understand the mistakes you have done. It is a tricky
way to know the status of your website. That also helps fix your problems. If your website does fine in a
particular browser and does not do well in other browsers, it is clear that your website requires good

Constant evaluation:
It is very important to check that how long users stay on your website, scroll, where they click the most
etc. the best way to know that your website is doing well or not according to your prospective. You
should never stop testing your website.
Dreams design is Web Design Company in Vadodara having years of experience in the walk of web
designing can sort out the hurdles you are facing. The tips we have introduced to you are quite able to
help overcome the web designing issues.

How To Find Out The Best Web Design and Development Company in Vadodara

At present, everybody is compelled to adopt different tricks in order to last in the business world and keep the business growth continuously. If you are willing to choose the right company to push your business ahead and put you on the top. It is very complicated to prefer the right firm as your business is on the stake. How do you choose such web design company in India?

There are many ways to choose the right company. First, make a catalog of a responsive website that impressed you. Gather all details of those websites and include in your list.

Below are some tips to engage successfully with web design agencies and highlight the online face of your business.

Decide your budget:

First of all, there is need to set a budget for a web design project then start searching for a web design company. Unless you have enough budgets, you can’t get favorable result. It is obvious that you are willing to pay less than your budget and demand a good result from web agency.

Take a glimpse of a web agency website which you are going to hire:

Before dealing with a company, it is much- needed to go through that company you are going to deal with. You are supposed to get details of its past and current performance. It is a good idea to make an assessment of its style of web- designing and web-developing. Analyze its website that how it is designed and developed? So, you can identify its abilities, technological skills and style of working. You can figure out that is it able enough to take your company vision amongst the users? Is it able enough to meet your standards? There are other aspects of websites also you need to consider before a deal. Such as good user experience, engaging writing, professional look. Dreamsdesign is a leading web development company in India has all these qualities.

Ask experienced clients about the websites they have made:

Ask those who had experience working with them. They can easily share their experience. Were they satisfied with the services they were provided? Take reviews from others that will help you in dealing with web firm with confidence. You can get extra remaining knowledge from them which you are not familiar and make your project responsive.

Company approach towards clients:

It is said that first impression is the last impression. At the initial level recognize company approach towards you while making conversation on phone, and having head-on meeting. During this time, you can judge company professional approach towards you. Dreamsdesign is a Web design company in Vadodara will treat its clients in a hospital way.

These steps will clear all your doubts and change your way of dealing with such companies.

Five tips to deal with website design before launch

Nowadays, many newly established companies are trying to represent their company’s image through an impressive website design in order to convey company core message to a large number of people across the globe. A creative website design company in India forces people to peep into the world of your company. Thus, undoubtedly, it aids you to increase your business rating as well as strengthen your hold upcoming days.

  • Adopt a pure and contemporary web-design:

Users always shower their love on a pure and modern web-design which has all elements to deal with them. It must be mobile-friendly as well as responsive for all the screens/devices which are used by different users. So, analyze that if your website is fully responsive or not. It should be neat and clean then make necessary amendments. A responsive website design company in Vadodara creates more traffic and draws people’s attention to your website.

  • Firstly, get design:

First of all, create a wire-frame as it is helpful for a web designer to plan a layout before creating a design. It is helpful to make a design you want and the feel of the design as well. It becomes easier to customize with the website.

  • User-friendly content:

Content is a soul of the website that represents your company core aspects to the maximum people. Your content must be user-friendly. Make a content which ought to be easy for the people to understand easily so that the people get involved with your website and company as well. If your content does not relate to the company status you will miss the target. Hence, create a content that has a happy ending with the users.

  • About us:

 Mostly, the visitors who visit a website at first they find out company information such as contact number, email, your about page ought to be simple that users do not feel bored and easily get the information. Your about page must not be wordy. It must be meaningful with enough information. Keep the design engaging which will engage the users.

  • Stick to website momentum:

If a website has not mobility, users will leave that site immediately. The users would not prefer to continue such site which takes time to load. This kind of error gives you unexpected fallout. There are many tools to measure your website speed online which offer a solution and improve website speed. Speed matters because a single second loading time lessens many users.

Finally, these are the crucial tips to consider before it is launched. If you ignore these website norms, you will witness a big fall upcoming days.


Why your business needs a Responsive E-commerce Website Design?

The online marketplace has turned out to be so huge that even the famous brick and mortar stores are switching to e-commerce website design. One of the most important assets of any company is a well-optimized e-commerce website design that allows their customers to search the product in just a few clicks.

With the increase in the number of the mobile users, the demand for e-commerce web design has increased too. Responsive web design offers an excellent online shopping experience to all the online shoppers, irrespective of the device they are using. Let’s have a look at some of the most important factors that emphasize the importance of responsive web design for an e-commerce portal.

1. Increasing number of mobile users

To your surprise, approx 57.12% of global web traffic originates from the smartphones. This number justifies the importance of an e-commerce portal and why it plays a crucial role in the success of any business.

2. Growth in Mobile Users

Did you know that as per the 2017 statistics, almost 1.7 billion people worldwide shop products online via their smart phones? Since the number of mobile shoppers is increasing with every passing day, it’s clear that an e-commerce business needs to have a responsive website design so that it doesn’t lose any potential client to the competition.

3. Search Engine Supports Responsive E-commerce Store

Major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc favour websites which are portable to mobile. This is due to the fact that the search engines put the user experience first. Ease of use and enhanced readability are some of the major benefits of responsive website design.

4. Better Website Speed

Time is money and every second count in the corporate world. The recent researches and studies have revealed that more than half of the internet surfers give up on a website if it takes more than 6-10 seconds to load.

Responsive web design takes into account the screen size and the mobile device performance. It optimizes the images and other elements which increase the website loading speed, thus preventing the bounce rate.

5. Increased Conversion Rates

Responsive web design addresses all the issues of the online shopping allowing customers to enjoy smooth browsing, increased readability and usability. All of these factors work together to give the customers an excellent shopping experience which ultimately boosts the conversion rates.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points have clearly conveyed the importance of responsive e-commerce website design. A mobile-friendly design is one of the wisest decisions you can take for your business and online retailers. So, if you are willing to have your online store and looking for a professional and reliable web design service in India, Dreams Design can help! With the cutting-edge technologies and unique designs, we ensure to give your business the competitive edge!

6 Things You Need To Look For While Hiring A Website Development Service

Are you a business owner? If yes, you might be very well aware of the importance of the brand awareness in this highly-competitive corporate world. One of the best ways to boost your online presence and give your business a competitive edge is custom web development.

The very first step that you need to take is to select the reliable and professional web development service in Mumbai or across India. This is one of the most crucial decisions as you're entrusting them with your valuable business. To make the things easier for you, we have listed a few important things that will help you choose the best custom web development company.

 How Do They Charge For The Services?

When you hire a web development service in Melbourne, you need to ensure that they are competent to cater to your unique business needs and budget. They should be able to plan, develop and manage your project. Asking the right questions will help you find the actual price for their service:

  •  Will the project be charged on an hourly basis or flat project price?
  • Does the estimate justify the agreed deliverable?
  • How will you charge for the extra features?

 What Is Their Project Track Record?

It is essential to understand that the website development service in Mumbai you hire is reliable. You must be confident that your projects are in the expert hands and will deliver only the best results by offering the best ROI.

  • Past client record
  • Facts and figures that prove their results
  • Kind of results they are able to deliver
  • Extended working relationship with the clients

 How are the results measured?

Custom website development can boost your brand image and foster your business growth. While on the other hand, a bad design can ruin your reputation. Thus, it’s vital to hire the website development company that increases the value and image of your business.

  •  Ask how they measure the results in term of traffic, conversion, bounce rate and keyword ranking
  • Are the stated results verified by the clients?

 How Do They Operate?

Before partnering with any web development service in Mumbai, ensure that they have the explicit knowledge and expertise to deliver the exceptional results.

  • Ensure that they follow industry standards for the coding and is mentioned in the contract
  • Have every point and terms clearly mentioned in the contract
  • How will the project ownership be determined?

Additionally, ensure that custom web development company you hire is not too small or else you may run the risk of unexpected execution delays or lack of technical proficiency. It is essential that you feel secure throughout the process, thus ensure that you choose the right partner for your website design. If you are willing to take your business to the next level, Dreamsdesign is your competent custom web development partner!

Top Web Design Mistakes That Is Killing Your Online Reputation

Where the online world is rapidly taking over the market, it has now become very important to mark your business’s presence in the online world. It is crucial to understand that in the current scenario, having a website of your business is quite necessary. A business no more relies only on its physical presence in the market; instead, it is equally dependent on its website as it helps develop an online reputation of the brand.

When we talk about having a website, the first question that comes in our minds is what elements our website should incorporate to make it appealing as well as effective. Websites are not only about pretty-looking pages that can bring the audience to our brand, but it is also about making the audience have a good experience which highly depends on the quality of content, format, style and user interface of the website and not just its appearance.

Most Common Web Design MistakesWebsite designing involves initial investment and people might not want to invest such hefty amounts. But one needs to look at the number of benefits a website can serve in terms of profiting business and making people aware of its existence. A few benefits that having a website can offer are- it can expand your business, extend your local reach and bring in new customers, improve the effectiveness and productivity of your business and many more. One major factor to look at is the advertising and broadcasting costs that website cuts down which otherwise are needed to increase your brand visibility.

But even while designing a website, there are some common web design mistakes that designers usually make. These mistakes might not be evidently seen but they can majorly affect your online reputation and impact it in a negative way. Below given are a few web design mistakes to avoid:

Poor Navigation

It is very important to have a responsive website design that can function properly on desktops and laptops as well as phones and tablets. People no more are restricted from browsing through big screens only, instead of people now conducting searches more through phones which are easier to access and convenient.

Keeping this in mind, it has now become necessary to design websites that support proper navigation in different devices. Your navigation should be easy and effortless for the customers. You should make sure the elements on your website can be easily clicked on (size and location), be it any size of the screen.

Poor Website Navigation

Excess Resources

Uploading a lot of resources can be trouble. Too much information and resources both internal and external can lead to problems like slow loading time of the page and confusing content for the customers.

Loading so many external resources on the page can also be very costly. Thus, designers are not just making a mistake that can affect the customers, but also the business in terms of increased costs which in anyways is going to result in a problem. It is thus important to not overload your page with resources, instead keep them limited and follow the rule of simplicity that will limit the number of resources and help make your website more adaptable, fast and user-friendly.

Unsecure Website

Websites that are not secured with SSL certificate can be a big barrier for the website visitors as well as SEO. When a website is not yet secured, the users get a label called “Not Secure” when they visit the website or Google might also warn the visitors before accessing. Such labels and notifications can majorly affect the number of people visiting your website.

It is thus very important to secure your website with an https in order to assure your visitors that your website is safe, secure and accessible.

Unsecure Website

Lack Of Quality Content

Quality content is one major factor every business needs to focus on when it comes to developing a good website. People are not going to visit your business on the basis of how good your website looks, instead they are going to analyze your content and accordingly draw conclusions on how good and promising your business looks from the words you’ve said.

People do not like reading huge chunks of content, instead, it needs to be to the point and relevant. Instead of majorly focusing on the story behind your business, you can highlight your products and services more as that is what the audience is looking for when they visit your website. A website can have an average of 300-500 words on each page with not just words but also pictures and videos to make the quality of content better.

Annoying Pop-ups

Pop-ups on the website can be annoying and irritating for the viewers and it might also compel them to leave the website. Relevant pop-ups can turn out to be helpful but not when they hinder a viewer’s experience. A person might be looking for something in particular on your website and it might happen that right when they are about to find it, a pop up appears.

Thus it is necessary to keep pop-ups in a way that does not cover the main content and pop up immediately when the viewer navigates to a new page.

Annoying Pop-ups

Image Quality and Optimization

Visuals definitely appeal to people more than words. Having images uploaded on your website is a must as it will make your website more appealing as well as interesting for the readers to see. What needs to be assured is the quality of pictures- they should be of good quality and visually good looking. Good images help in engaging with users as well as in creating a positive brand image.

Images should also be optimized so that they don’t slow down your website’s loading speed. Uploading high-quality images might develop chances of slowed loading speed and thus it is necessary to optimize images to boost the speed.

While there are numerous benefits that a website can serve, there also are quite a lot of potential mistakes that web designers can make. Thus it rests upon individuals to make sure they don’t fall in the trap and avoid any kind of negative impact of the website on the business. Keeping in mind the wide spectrum of business opportunities a website can offer, designing a website for your business should be the first thing you must do. All you need to take care of are the steps you should take to avoid major mistakes.